BOHS–Faculty Associate Membership launched

The BOHS has recently launched a new Associate grade of membership for the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene. Anyone who has successfully completed at least one of the Occupational Hygiene Modules, or  the Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene introductory course is eligible to apply.

The grade is also open to those who hold one of the Faculty’s accredited degrees and would like to be a member of the Faculty whilst gaining the work experience needed to then sit the Certificate and/or Diploma oral examination. Applications can be made on-line or by downloading the application form on this page.

Is it worth joining at this level? I think it is. Most young (and not so young) people coming into the profession take at least 3 years to attain their Certificate and become eligible for Licentiate Membership of the Faculty. The Associate grade allows those new to the profession to get involved in the professional body and, hopefully, start to exert some influence.

I expect that the Faculty will want to look at how to involve Associates in its decision making processes and to develop services to help with professional and career development. Associates themselves could help with this by letting the Faculty know what they would like to see introduced.

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I'm a consultant and trainer specialising in the recognition, evaluation and control of health hazards in the workplace. I'm based in the North West of England, but am willing to travel (almost) anywhere

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