COSHH Essentials

COSHH Essentials is a tool developed by the UK Health and Safety Executive. It’s a “control banding” technique which was originally intended to help small companies, without access to expert help, determine what controls are needed to control exposure to the hazardous substances they use or handle. It was originally published as a “hard copy”Continue reading “COSHH Essentials”

Lead exposure during soldering

“Soft soldering” is a widely used technique in the electronics industry for joining electronic components to printed circuit boards. Traditionally the solder was an alloy of lead and tin, typically containing about 40% lead.  It is well known that lead is a highly toxic metal, potentially causing a wide range of harmful effects. Children areContinue reading “Lead exposure during soldering”

Skin Exposure and COSHH Assessments

Recently I’ve been working with a client on a review of their COSHH assessment protocol. Many of their processes involve the handling of lubricants, sealants and adhesives which have a low volatility and present only a minimal risk from inhalation. The main risk of exposure is from skin contact. However we found that their COSHH assessmentContinue reading “Skin Exposure and COSHH Assessments”

Diesel exhaust emissions – what to measure?

We recently had a query from a client who’d had a visit from their local Factory Inspector. The client has a large warehouse where they operate diesel powered fork lift trucks. The Inspector asked about the client about their risk assessment of the emissions and then suggested that they arrange to measure the emissions. DieselContinue reading “Diesel exhaust emissions – what to measure?”

Are the Tate’s sunflower seeds a risk to health?

Last week I took a short break in London. On Monday we visited the Tate Modern to see the Gauguin exhibition that had recently opened. On arriving at the gallery we noticed that there was something going on in the Turbine hall. We could see that the floor in a large area of the hallContinue reading “Are the Tate’s sunflower seeds a risk to health?”

What’s a “confined space”?

I recently received the following query regarding the application of the Confined Space Regulations 1997: “is the intent that any room that has a hazard in it is considered a Confined Space?  Let’s say we have a room with 2 doors, some general dilution and exhaust ventilation, and has a CO2 line running through it withContinue reading “What’s a “confined space”?”