Evaluating cold environments

Just a couple of days ago it was the first day of Spring. But it’s more like the middle of winter today in the north of England with heavy snow falling outside which has been blown around by a fairly strong wind. Perhaps the weather is appropriate as this week we’ve been running the BOHS/OHTA Module W502Continue reading “Evaluating cold environments”

Surviving in extreme cold

I watched a TED video today of a talk by Ken Kamler. He was a medic on an expedition to Everest where the climbers were caught out by extreme conditions nearing the summit. Several were killed.  Last week on our BOHS Module course M201  “Thermal Environment and Non-ionising Radiation” we discussed the effects of exposureContinue reading “Surviving in extreme cold”

Coping with extreme cold

We’re running the BOHS module M201 “Thermal environment and non-ionising radiation (including lighting)” in a couple of weeks. One of the topics we’ll be covering is cold stress and control of risks to health from work in cold environments. An interesting blog I’ve been following is reporting on the Catlin Arctic Survey 2010. This isContinue reading “Coping with extreme cold”