Designing and managing local exhaust ventilation

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is one of the main measures used to control worker exposure to hazardous substances. It’s difficult to work out exactly how many systems there are in Britain, but the Health and Safety Executive carried out some research in 2006 and estimated that there were between 260,000 and 330,000 businesses that haveContinue reading “Designing and managing local exhaust ventilation”

Practical Management of LEV Controls

Practical Management of LEV Controls is a new one-day  BOHS Approved Course developed in conjunction with HSE. We’re going to be running it later this year, details as follows: Date 15th September 2011 Venue Chester Cost £195.00 excluding VAT per delegate – includes course documents, lecture fees and lunch.

To test or not to test?

I recently received the following query from a client: “I have come across various items of equipment which appear to have integral LEV types of arrangement ……..  All have been introduced to reduce the level of dust or chemical that may have a deleterious effect on the user of the equipment.  I am unsure ifContinue reading “To test or not to test?”

Testing walk-in spray booths

We recently received a query from a client who carry out paint spraying of isocyanate based two pack paints in a large walk-in type spray booth. They wanted us to carry out sampling to help them to decide when it was safe to enter the booth without their workers wearing their air fed masks. ThisContinue reading “Testing walk-in spray booths”

Glove boxes

Glove boxes are often used in the pharmaceutical industry to control highly toxic “active” agents used in drug formulations. In principle they should provide a high degree of protection for the user. The contaminant is completely contained inside an extracted enclosure while the worker is outside. So when we’re carrying out a risk assessment andContinue reading “Glove boxes”

Managing LEV systems – have things improved?

Yesterday I went over to the Health and Safety laboratories for a “stakeholder meeting” with HSE/HSL to discuss a potential new one day course on the management of local exhaust ventilation (LEV)systems. It was a good meeting and I feel that HSE were willing to listen and take on board suggestions that I and otherContinue reading “Managing LEV systems – have things improved?”