A fresh approach to presentation design

I  recently came across a slide deck posted on Slideshare by Chris Atherton. She’s a psychologist and used to be a Senior Lecturer (formerly Lecturer) in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire. She’s now working as a User Experience Architect for Numiko ltd The slides are from a presentation Chris made in April atContinue reading “A fresh approach to presentation design”

Introduction to Occupational Hygiene

I’ve recently uploaded a new introductory presentation on occupational hygiene to Slideshare. It’s an example of something I’d use for an introductory talk to an undergraduate course or to an audience of safety advisers or occupational health practitioners with limited knowledge of the discipline. I’ve tried to get away from the usual “death by Powerpoint”Continue reading “Introduction to Occupational Hygiene”

Key steps to control health hazards

At the end of June I was invited to make a presentation to the BOHS workshop on the control of health hazards at work. The key points made are summarised in a previous post. I’ve finally got round to uploading the slides I used to Slideshare. These days I try not to overload my presentationsContinue reading “Key steps to control health hazards”