Risk Management Measures in the real world

At the end of October, I travelled over to Helsinki for a few days. I’d been invited to deliver a short course on “Risk management measures in a REACH context”  to personnel working for the European Chemicals Agency* (ECHA) who are responsible for evaluating the dossiers chemical manufacturers have to submit under the European REACHContinue reading “Risk Management Measures in the real world”

BOHS North West meeting on Managing Chemicals

Companies that manufacture, sell and use chemicals are currently facing new challenges presented by the requirements on the management of chemicals in the workplace introduced by the REACH and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulations. It’s important for anyone involved with the use of chemicals to make sure they’re aware of the legislation and howContinue reading “BOHS North West meeting on Managing Chemicals”

Listing ingredients on safety data sheets

I received the following query from a client recently: “At what point does a chemical have to be named as an ingredient on a safety data sheet (SDS)?” It’s a simple question but it requires a complicated answer!! Users of substances and products that are mixtures of several different substances need to know what theyContinue reading “Listing ingredients on safety data sheets”

REACH – Regulating chemicals in Europe

I’ve recently produced a brief presentation summarising the main requirements of REACH A version with some explanatory notes is available on Slideshare. REACH is the most important piece of legislation on the control of chemicals for a long time, certainly since COSHH was introduced in 1988. The Regulations are going to have a major impactContinue reading “REACH – Regulating chemicals in Europe”

BOHS / NVVA conferece on REACH

Conferences ae always a “mixed bag” and this was the case with  the REACH meeting held in Brussels on 30 September/1 October. Overall, it was worthwhile attending and I certainly learned more about how the requirements of REACH relating to occupational exposures were being implemented in practice.  Some of he contributions were a little tooContinue reading “BOHS / NVVA conferece on REACH”


Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to Brussels for the meeting on REACH (REACH: Registration and Beyond: Exposure Scenarios and safe handling advice) organised jointly by BOHS and their Dutch sister organisation, NVVA. The conference focuses on some important issues, including exposure assessment. REACH requires manufacturers and importers of substances and mixtures to develop exposure scenariosContinue reading “REACH out”