Lighting and health

A new three-part series, “The Secret Life of Buildings” started on Channel 4 on Monday this week. Presented by Architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff, it examines how architecture affects us at home, work and play, One of the main themes of the first programme was how the design of buildings can affect the health and well-beingContinue reading “Lighting and health”

Ionising Radiation

The Fukushima reactor crisis in Japan has brought the risks associated with exposure to ionising radiation very much into the forefront of public consciousness. Workers attempting to bring the reactors under control are being exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation and there are concerns about radiation escaping into the environment and affecting the wider population.Continue reading “Ionising Radiation”

Non-ionising radiation

Non-ionising radiation (NIR), which includes the ultraviolet, infrared and radio-frequency regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, falls within the scope of occupational hygiene. It’s included in the syllabi for the British and American professional qualifications and will normally be studied as part of University occupational hygiene programmes. However, in my experience, most practising occupational hygienists rarely have toContinue reading “Non-ionising radiation”

Heat Stress

 The health risks associated with heat stress at work is a subject traditionally studied by occupational hygienists. In the past, in the UK, it was a compulsory component in the modular route to the Certificate examination. Currently it has been “relegated” to an optional module (although that may change in the future). However, questionsContinue reading “Heat Stress”

Surviving in extreme cold

I watched a TED video today of a talk by Ken Kamler. He was a medic on an expedition to Everest where the climbers were caught out by extreme conditions nearing the summit. Several were killed.  Last week on our BOHS Module course M201  “Thermal Environment and Non-ionising Radiation” we discussed the effects of exposureContinue reading “Surviving in extreme cold”

Coping with extreme cold

We’re running the BOHS module M201 “Thermal environment and non-ionising radiation (including lighting)” in a couple of weeks. One of the topics we’ll be covering is cold stress and control of risks to health from work in cold environments. An interesting blog I’ve been following is reporting on the Catlin Arctic Survey 2010. This isContinue reading “Coping with extreme cold”

Girls Aloud on occupational health?

I wouldn’t admit to being a fan of Girls Aloud – I’m not sure what it would do to my reputation of I did! However, it was good to see the article in the Observer today about the campaign by Nicola Roberts, the red headed, pales skinned member of the group, against the use ofContinue reading “Girls Aloud on occupational health?”