New format Module exams – Part B

Two weeks to go now to the launch of the new style BOHS module exams. Last week we received some details on the new format for Part B. Instead of one long question from a choice of two, candidates will be required to answer 5 out of 8 “micro-essay” questions. BOHS have now released someContinue reading “New format Module exams – Part B”

BOHS Examination changes

This week we were running M103, “Control of hazardous substances” in Chester. As usual, we had a good group who were keen to learn, worked hard, contributed to discussions and seemed to get on well.  As usual it was a tough exam, but this will be the last course we will have run with theContinue reading “BOHS Examination changes”

Stack Heights

When designing and testing local exhaust ventilation systems we need to pay particular attention to the design of the extraction hoods – where the contaminant enters the system. If this isn’t right then the system is unlikely to be effective at controlling contaminants. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ensure that other aspects ofContinue reading “Stack Heights”

BOHS / NVVA conferece on REACH

Conferences ae always a “mixed bag” and this was the case with  the REACH meeting held in Brussels on 30 September/1 October. Overall, it was worthwhile attending and I certainly learned more about how the requirements of REACH relating to occupational exposures were being implemented in practice.  Some of he contributions were a little tooContinue reading “BOHS / NVVA conferece on REACH”

Hello world!

Hello world! This blog has been set up as a forum for Diamond Environmental Ltd. to communicate with people attending our  courses for occupational hygienists. To get things started I thought I’d make a few comments about what occupational hygiene is. I’m sure most people think that its something to do with cleaning out theContinue reading “Hello world!”