Night Shift Lullaby

There are relatively few good songs about work, even though it’s a major part of most people’s lives. This song, by the Magnolia Electric Company, is one of them and probably sums up the experience of many shift workers. Shift work can make it difficult to socialise, affect personal relationships and seriously disrupt family life. Shift work can also have an effect onContinue reading “Night Shift Lullaby”

Occupational Cancer–The Causes

Following on from my last post on occupational cancer, I thought I’d look at the latest evidence on what causes the 8000 estimated deaths every year that are linked to occupational cancer. HSE commissioned Dr Lesley Rushton and colleagues, from Imperial College London to lead a project in collaboration with experts from the Health andContinue reading “Occupational Cancer–The Causes”

Occupational Cancer–A Growing Problem

  The 4th of February this year was designated as “World Cancer Day” and the subject of cancer, it’s causes and prevention made the news headlines on the BBC and in several newspapers in the UK.  The World Health Organisation as it predicted the number of new cases could soar 70% to nearly 25 millionContinue reading “Occupational Cancer–A Growing Problem”