BOHS Examination timings

Last November BOHS introduced some major changes to the Occupational hygiene Module examinations. The multiple choice questions in part A were replaced by 40 short answer questions (SAQs) and the longer question in Part B was replaced by “micro essays” (5 from a choice of 8). The exam timings were not changed – 90 minutesContinue reading “BOHS Examination timings”

BOHS Diploma Workshop

I spent today with a colleague leading a workshop to prepare potential candidates for the BOHS Diploma examination. We’d been asked to run this by the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene as one of three professional development semiars being run on the day before BOHS conference here in Harrogate. At one time a whole series ofContinue reading “BOHS Diploma Workshop”

Off to Harrogate

I’ll be setting off to Harrogate later this afternoon. BOHS Conference takes place there this week, starting on Tuesday. However, I’m up there a day early as we’re running a one day Diploma Exam preparation workshop or “taster day”. There are very few people who hold the Diploma and not many candidates sit the examContinue reading “Off to Harrogate”

Is it covered by the syllabus?

The syllabus for a BOHS module is an important document. For course providers, it’s the only thing that tells us what we need to cover during the course. So in order to be credible it needs to be clear and unambiguous and nothing should appear on the exam which isn’t mentioned  in the syllabus. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “Is it covered by the syllabus?”

Oral Examinations

Last week we ran a revision course for candidates intending to sit the oral examination for the BOHS Certificate. These take place every 3 months in March, June, September and December. The examination lasts for an hour (although it’s surprising how quickly thie time passes) and there will usually be a panel of three examinersContinue reading “Oral Examinations”

New format Module exams – Part B

Two weeks to go now to the launch of the new style BOHS module exams. Last week we received some details on the new format for Part B. Instead of one long question from a choice of two, candidates will be required to answer 5 out of 8 “micro-essay” questions. BOHS have now released someContinue reading “New format Module exams – Part B”

BOHS Examination changes

This week we were running M103, “Control of hazardous substances” in Chester. As usual, we had a good group who were keen to learn, worked hard, contributed to discussions and seemed to get on well.  As usual it was a tough exam, but this will be the last course we will have run with theContinue reading “BOHS Examination changes”