Is it really necessary to memorise exposure limits?

Many years ago, on the day I started work, after my new boss had run through the company induction, shown me around the department and told me as much as he could think of about the mysterious world of occupational hygiene I’d just joined, he’d clearly had run out of ideas about what to doContinue reading “Is it really necessary to memorise exposure limits?”

Diesel exhaust emissions – what to measure?

We recently had a query from a client who’d had a visit from their local Factory Inspector. The client has a large warehouse where they operate diesel powered fork lift trucks. The Inspector asked about the client about their risk assessment of the emissions and then suggested that they arrange to measure the emissions. DieselContinue reading “Diesel exhaust emissions – what to measure?”

REACH – Regulating chemicals in Europe

I’ve recently produced a brief presentation summarising the main requirements of REACH A version with some explanatory notes is available on Slideshare. REACH is the most important piece of legislation on the control of chemicals for a long time, certainly since COSHH was introduced in 1988. The Regulations are going to have a major impactContinue reading “REACH – Regulating chemicals in Europe”

What’s wrong with the label?

The information provided by supplier’s is the main way most users have a chance of finding out about the hazards presented by the substances they use. Occupational hygienists and safety professionals often focus on the MSDSs (material safety data sheets) but the label is often a much more useful source of information. If compiled correctlyContinue reading “What’s wrong with the label?”

Mad as a lighthouse keeper?

I was up in the North East over the weekend for a family wedding. We stopped overnight and on the way home decided to visit the Souter Lighthouse at Whitburn. Opened in 1871 and operated until 1988, it is now owned by the National Trust. Standing in a dramatic location on the cliffs between the TyneContinue reading “Mad as a lighthouse keeper?”

GHS – New chemical labelling requirements

Over the next few years the familiar labels on chemicals and chemical based products are going to be changing as a result of new legislation on the labelling and packaging of hazardous substances.  In fact, some of the changes are already starting to happen ( although most of us probably haven’t noticed it yet). ThisContinue reading “GHS – New chemical labelling requirements”