Getting ready for Cardiff

On Sunday I’ll be travelling down to Cardiff, the venue for this years BOHS Conference. I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and colleagues I haven’t seen for a while and the programme of scientific papers and workshops looks especially interesting this year. A copy of the final programme can be downloaded from here.

The Conference starts on Tuesday, running until Thursday, but on the Monday, the day before it officially opens, I’ll be running one of the professional development courses. It’s a “taster” course for candidates intending to sit the BOHS Diploma examinations. This is the third year that I’ll have run the course, the last two presentations having gone well.

Although I run the course as a workshop, focusing on discussing typical questions, I make a brief presentation at the start running through the format of the exam and providing some background. These slides are available on my Slideshare site, but I’ve also embedded the presentation below.

It’s going to be a busy conference for me this year as I’m giving a paper on the Thursday morning and am also running a workshop with Tracey Boyle, BOHS’ Honorary Secretary, on behalf of Council.

The workshop, which takes place first thing on the Wednesday morning, will be exploring whether BOHS should put more emphasis on campaigning and lobbying as part of our strategic objectives to raise awareness of occupational hygiene and increase the visibility and influence of the Society. We have invited two external speakers,

who will be relating their experiences of campaigning and lobbying.

The majority of the time will be devoted to syndicate group discussions to gauge the opinions of members and, hopefully, generate some ideas. The findings and conclusions will be presented to BOHS Council.


BOHS Diploma Preparation Taster Day

For the second year, we’re running a “taster” day aimed at Licentiate Members of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene who are intending to sit the BOHS  Diploma examination – either the written exam and or/ the oral – to help them prepare for the exam(s)

The principal objectives of the day are to:

  • Provide an introduction to the format of the written exam – i.e. how the papers are structured, what topic areas are covered
  • Provide an introduction to the format of the oral examination – i.e. the makeup of the panel, exam duration, how questions are  asked, topics covered
  • Discuss example questions and approaches to answering them

We will spend an hour or so on the exam structure and format. The rest of the day will be devoted to discussing example questions that could appear on the written exams and also typical questions that could be asked at the oral exam.

We have limited time, so will not be able to cover every topic area, nor is it intended to teach advanced occupational hygiene to someone with limited experience. It will, hopefully, be beneficial to those who feel they are ready to take the exam but need to know more about it and want to get some idea how to tackle it and identify topics they need to revise.

If you’re interested, you can book here via the BOHS website.

BOHS Diploma Workshop

I spent today with a colleague leading a workshop to prepare potential candidates for the BOHS Diploma examination. We’d been asked to run this by the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene as one of three professional development semiars being run on the day before BOHS conference here in Harrogate. At one time a whole series of seminars were held before conference, but the practice was stopped a number of years ago. Dependimg on feedback from the participants in the 3 workshops held today, they may become a permanent fixture again.

We had 8 participants today. We made it highly participative, splitting them into groups and getting each group to work out an answer to a typical question and then take it in turns to present it to the other participants. Everyone joined in and pulled together some good solutions. This approach also allowed the participants to identify topics where additional work is needed before they sit the exam.

All in all it was a good day and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

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