IPAD Apps for Occupational Hygienists

In a previous post I looked at some websites that I use regularly to find information on chemical hazards. I suspect that many occupational hygienists have an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet that they carry around with them. Although these can be used to access the websites I mentioned in my post, there are also a number of useful apps that can downloaded from iTunes or Android Play (what used to be called the Android Marketplace).

These are some iPad iPhone that I’ve found useful. (I’ll follow up with a post on apps for Android phones)

IH Calculator Lite


This one “does what it says on the tin”. Its described as

“an interactive calculator that performs occupational health and safety calculations to aid industrial hygienists.”

It allows the user to carry out various key calculations on noise, heat stress and ventilation. The formulae are American and so use Imperial units, which can be a particular problem with ventilation calculations. But the app does include a module that converts from Imperial to SI units.

iPhone Screenshot 1




A mobile version of the US National Library of Medicine’s WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders). Although designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents this app has some very useful information on the chemical and physical characteristics and human health data for a large number of chemicals.

iPhone Screenshot 1




A German database which includes occupational exposure limits for over 15000 hazardous substances from various EU member states, Canada (Québec), Japan, Switzerland, and the United States as of January 2011.

iPhone Screenshot 1


Hazmat Load


This app the uses "Segregation for Hazardous Materials" and "Class 1 Explosives Compatibility" Tables to allow the user to determine whether materials need to be segregated during transportation.

iPhone Screenshot 1


Chem safety


An app giving access to the International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] which summarize essential health and safety information on chemicals for their use at the "shop floor" level by workers and employers.

iPhone Screenshot 2


HazRef Lite


A portable database of over 2,000 hazardous materials as identified by the US Department of Transportation. Each material is identified by: proper shipping name, United Nation’s designated number, DOT hazard class and placard and more.

iPhone Screenshot 2


IH DIG for iPad


IH DIG (Industrial Hygiene Data Interpretation Game) is a game which allows occupational hygienists to test their skills at anticipating exposure data. A useful educational tools, and not just for those new to the field!


If anyone has other recommendations to add to the above, why not post a comment.


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