BOHS Diploma Workshop

I spent today with a colleague leading a workshop to prepare potential candidates for the BOHS Diploma examination. We’d been asked to run this by the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene as one of three professional development semiars being run on the day before BOHS conference here in Harrogate. At one time a whole series of seminars were held before conference, but the practice was stopped a number of years ago. Dependimg on feedback from the participants in the 3 workshops held today, they may become a permanent fixture again.

We had 8 participants today. We made it highly participative, splitting them into groups and getting each group to work out an answer to a typical question and then take it in turns to present it to the other participants. Everyone joined in and pulled together some good solutions. This approach also allowed the participants to identify topics where additional work is needed before they sit the exam.

All in all it was a good day and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

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